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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Carpet Cleaning Weber/Davis County and North Salt Lake

How do we get started? We will evaluate your carpet’s needs. Every carpet must be treated differently. We will decide what will be the best method for cleaning your carpet. You will know up front what we can and can’t do. We will then go over the pricing information before we start. This way there are no surprises.
What about moving furniture? This is really up to you. We ask that you clear the carpeted areas as much as possible, but we can clean around the larger items. We are able to move some furniture if needed.
What about tough spots? Do you use a pre-treatment? We treat spots and stains as necessary and apply a citrus cleaning solution to the entire carpet. We then agitate the solution into the fibers using a rake or rotary machines if needed. This will help to loosen the soils for extraction.
What is our cleaning process? We use our powerful Truck-mounted Steam Extraction for a fast and thorough deep cleaning of your carpet. We use 200+ degree water to clean and disinfect. We use soft water and a rinse agent that will neutralize & balance the PH level of your carpet which ensures NO RESIDUE is left behind and leaves your carpet soft and fluffy.
What about drying? Dry time is usually between 2-6 hours depending on air flow, temperature, and the type of carpet. We can use high-tech powerful Air Movers in the areas we have cleaned to help start the drying process.
Do you do a post-inspection? Once the cleaning is completed, we re-inspect the carpet with you to ensure that all the work was done to your satisfaction.
What about carpet treatment for protection? When necessary, we use a Carpet Protestant, that helps protect your carpet from spills, dirt, and wear. This can also can help resist red dye stains. We will then groom the carpet for a clean and inviting look.
What about red stains? We do offer specialized stain removal for red stains as well as stains from mustard, blood, grease, tar, oil, nail polish, urine, coffee, etc. Please make sure we are aware of these stains when we arrive.
Do I have to do anything after the cleaning? To decrease drying time try to keep the room temperature about 72 degrees, open the windows, and use fans to circulate the air around the cleaned carpet.
What can I do between cleanings? We will provide you with a FREE bottle of spot cleaner that has amazing results on a wide variety of stains. You may also purchase consumer versions of the same products we use for your carpet, hardwood, tile, stone, and upholstery


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